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Post  Admin on Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:26 pm

Next I have Star....she is a super sweetie and I just love this girl. She is great all around but just isn't quite fitting into my program where I am wanting to go with it. This is such a hard decision for me with her. I keep going back & forth with her! I hate to let her go so she will have to go to an exceptional home!! She is just the sweetest thing and is a tad shy but not aggressive! She is a wire ESPS red/wheaton. She carries for everything and I really want to breed her to my Wini before she goes, but I just missed her heat when we moved. I had no clue she was in standing heat. She did have a male with her for a day, a blue & tan smooth, so now there is a chance she may be pregnant. Like I said, we were packing & moving and I was short on space so the hubby put one of the boys in with the girls......so who knows. As soon as I found out he was with them, of course I took him out and made room for him with the other boys. confused confused Suspect Shocked Laughing Laughing

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Post  runarabbit on Mon Nov 22, 2010 1:47 pm

OHH! She is adorable...I'm so tempted, but I just had all my wires fixed Smile

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