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Post  Angelboys3 on Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:15 pm

Hey guys, just wanted to say that my hubby will be heading to the hill country (Brady, TX) probably next weekend. If any doxie between Cumby and Brady (and back) need a ride, just message me! He would be happy to let someone tag along. I usually go with him, but being within days of Ireland's due date, I don't want to be 5 hours from my vet just in case and I don't know any down there, lol! He will leave on Friday the 17th and come home on Sunday the 19th. There are a few route deviations he can make and not be too far off if need be. Also on the 19th, my mom and sister are going into Arkansas near Little Rock if someone needs a transport to or from that area. They are leaving around 6 am that morning to be in AR at 9, so it would be early :-) \

Just thought I'd offer if anyone needs it. We tend to travel quite a bit, so I will update if we are going anywhere and can accomodate hitch hikers!! I know we are going to be driving to Angel Fire, NM in late Feb, so keep that in mind as well, I'm sure we can squeeze one or two in to get to a new home Very Happy

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