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Only the best were brought forth for public exhibition. Every pup a conscientious individual produces doesn't rate 'show prospect' nor should they all be considered as breeding stock by virtue of the obvious fact that they share the same illustrious pedigree. This lack of common sense (or excessive greed, if the truth be revealed) is one of the primary factors that engenders severe anxiety for longtime mentors who are valiantly risking their own reputations to educate and represent novice breeders, just as their illustrious predecessors once did.
clap clap clap This statement here tells it like it is!!!
I for one am trying to change the cream lines by breeding 2 different lines together to hopefully strengthen and produce much nicer quality creams than what we are seeing.....I am breeding and testing and trial by error with Miller's Dachshunds......are goal is to bring back the old lines of the creams by breeding and producing and bringing back the excellent quality. It is going to take us some time and a few generations of breeding before we reach our goal. But we are trying to put together the Sniffntell lines with Heidox & Weatherly lines to produce that perfect cream with no Patella issues or PRA. We are taking the best and if it is not good enough then we are changing our routes....but our goal is to produce our own line of perfection by taking the old lines and breeding as many faults out as we can. Yes we will produce some pet puppies....but our goal is to eventually produce those show prospects.....it is frustrating and time comsuming, but we feel with patience and knowledge....we will eventually get there!!! happydog

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