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Post  AlaskanLowrider on Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:48 pm

There used to be a form to register a dog to yourself for 10.00 - I found it on AKC's site last year and saved it to my other computer before it crashed. In trying to find it again I ran across some other forms that look to be more useful .....Full Litter registrations:

Register a litter to breeder with a recently registered litter: 10.00 each pup. Have 1 yr to complete

Individually register pups to owners with a recently registered litter: 10 ea pup. Have 1 yr to complete

Register a litter and individually to breeder: $25 + 12 ea pup - can choose limited or full - Have 6 months to complete

Register litter to breeder and individually register pups to new owners: 25.00 +12 ea pup. Have 6 months to complete

None of these are recognized in their online system so they have to be printed out and sent in by mail. You can still use the 20.00 off litter registration coupon with the last 2. You just have to call them to get it since they don't always send them out in the packets.

So for a 4 pup litter the total cost would be 25 + 12(4) - 20.00 litter coupon = $ 53.00 total or 13.25 ea and they are already registered how you want them to be vs their old way.... 25 + 2 pup litter application (33.00) and 20.00 per pup (80.00) - 20.00 litter coupon = 93.00 total or 23.25 ea. Thats a 40.00 savings!

I called to request a litter coupon and asked about the form to individually register a dog to myself - they don't use that form anymore instead I was told to mark in 10 where the 20 is then send it to a different address for breeder relations otherwise it will be processed at 20.00 instead of 10.00. The address is:
pob 900067 Raleigh NC 27675

I forgot to ask about getting a pup I bred registered to me for free but I figure it would still be subject to processing so all in all 10.00 isn't bad especially since I am registering 7 dogs in the next 2 weeks (4 puppies, Muddles, Phoebe and her littermate) for 93.00 vs 153.00 for a savings of 60.00 Very Happy


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