Lots of Dog Goodies For Sale! Cheap!

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Lots of Dog Goodies For Sale! Cheap!

Post  D&A Mini Doxies on Wed Aug 24, 2011 9:57 pm

My friend, Jen, and I had a dog accessory business together, and she has since decided to take a break. We had a huge auction with all of our stuff a few weeks ago, and now we're doing a "second chance offer" sort of thing just to try to get some of this stuff off of our hands. Everything is going for the starting bid price on our auction, so its all fairly cheap. Here is what all we have left for sale:

My stuff:

2 stars and stripes blankets-$8 each

1 robots blanket-$8

1 citrus slices blanket-$8

1 retro floral blanket-$8

1 dots blanket-$8

***Please note I can also stuff the blankets and make them into beds for an additional $5
Jens Stuff:

1 blue polka dot blanket-$10

1 blue w/ polka dots boy's t-shirt-$10

2 double dog leashes-$10 each

I also have these single dog leashes for sale for $6 each:

And Jen has these quilted blankets I made awhile back:

girly doxie-$25



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