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I use Panacur according to the following scedule : ( we have lb & oz scales so forget metric)
1 cc per 4.5 lbs of body weight. Use a calculator with a paper tape. It will give you the exact amount per weight as you let it figure the doses. Staple the finished tape to an index card & put it i the file box. You can also scan it onto your computer so you will play safe & not lose it, nes pas ?
I use liqid 10 % SO much cheaper than granules as there you pay for fancy pacaging. What happens if you mix it in the food & the dog won't eat the food???????
I get a container of cherry or grape powdered drink granules ( 2.50 ?) I mix some into the dose + a bit & suck it into a syringe. I put a bit on the roof of the mouth if they won't lap it from a dish.
This is the protocol I was told to use ; Use for 5 days. Repeat in 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months & every 6 months thereafter.
Any soil that is high in organic matter & moist will tend to reinfest the dogs, no matter how carefully you pick up. I had sandy soil & large pens for pups I carefully wormed while they were on concrete, while young & going in & out of a heated ( in cold) kennel thru a trap door. Once they were well wormed & innoculated I moved them to the large sandy (dry) pens with shade trees until sold or I decided to keep them. Then they went into long sealed cement runs with exercise time in paddocks. THE only time I had symptoms of Giardia was in older puppies on the road at shows. I never did stool checks except that one time. Whip seldom shed eggs so stool checks are worthless for that. I can worm the dog for less than the cost of a stool check. I get the best price for Panacur at KV Pet Supply with a script from my vet. I also worm before breeding. Panacur stays in the gut; does not go into the bloodstream so can be used on pr egnant bitches. Consult mfg for total details/.


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