Have I got a Dachshund or not

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Have I got a Dachshund or not Empty Have I got a Dachshund or not

Post  kilrail on Fri May 02, 2014 8:11 am

We moved to Southern Spain over a year ago as earlyish retirees and said we would not have a dog as they are a bit of a bind. Also we live in an apartment albeit on the edge of a small town with lots of places to walk e.g. the campo and the ramblas (dried up riverbeds).

We decided however to help out a local charity Paws Patas by walking the rescue dogs and got to walk lots of different breeds, mostly podencos (Ibizan hounds) whicha re used for hunting here and then often abandoned if they are not good enough. But there were also dogs of all types from Giant Schnauzers to terriers and all in between.

Then one morning we arrived to find that two dogs had been abandoned (left at the gates of the shelter in the early hours), one was a very large puppy (probably Great Dane mix) and the other was the cutest little dog that my wife took a fancy to right away. Needless to say 3 weeks later, after blood checks etc) we had a dog. As the previous "owners" had left no details we called her "Susie" as she looked a bit like a dog we had in the UK that died after 16.1/2 years and was also Susie.

Then we started to wonder what breed she might be and this is when I realised she looked very much like a long haired Dachshund but there are so many varieties of Dachshund as I have now discovered, that I have no way of telling. I carried out some measurements and she seems to fit the bill as regards length (26" not incl tail) and height (11"). Hard to measure as she sees it as a game. Maybe here nose is not long enough but she has all the characteristics that I read about and is a marvellous little dog. I saw a video on youtube and the dog on there looks very like her. Just discovered I can't insert links as I'm a new member but if you search " Long haired dachshund wants to go to the park" you will find it easily yourself.

Without knowing her history I suppose it's impossible to say but we love her anyway and are not bothered if she is not pure Dachshund but it would be interesting to see what some of you think. I hope this link works to see some photos, please excuse the poor photography. Looks like I can's post an image either but again if you look at my photobucket account , my user name is fyfin there will be a folder in the library called susie with 3 photos in it. If that doesn't work I guess I'll have to wait a week until I can post images. pale pale 

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Have I got a Dachshund or not Empty Re: Have I got a Dachshund or not

Post  Admin on Fri May 02, 2014 10:23 am

Hello and welcome......my sincere apologies about not being able to post photos right away. Welcome tho and I will be glad to try and help you out as best I can!  Very Happy 

It sounds like you may have a long haired doxie and I will try to search the places you suggested to see if I can see her. happy 

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Have I got a Dachshund or not Empty Re: Have I got a Dachshund or not

Post  JamiLynnS on Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:50 am

Hello and Welcome!  Very Happy 
Mrs. Karen is right, sure sounds like you've got a Doxie!  happy 

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Have I got a Dachshund or not Empty Re: Have I got a Dachshund or not

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